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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hairstyle File

Getting ready for school can be a drag, so I came up with something to help speed things along. Introducing the Hairstyle File! A collection of hairstyles in a little laminated booklet for your child to choose in the morning. Simply print out the PDF, cut into A5, laminate the pages back to back, pop in a hole punch then tie with some twine or ribbon. Presto!

This is untested territory, but so far my daughter is very excited about having her favourite hairstyles in one place. This will hopefully help change up the boring daily ponytail and also alleviate the pressure of picking a style. I am hoping this gives my child more responsibility and also ownership on how she wants to present herself and be perceived. I think it is important that we allow our children self expression freedoms.

I have included the little booklet I put together, however, it would not be tricky to put one together with hairstyles you are happy with. If my school allowed us to use hair products, I would love to put one together for my son, but I could imagine there are quite a number of hairstyles that would be suitable for children with shorter hair too! There are many possibilities to be had!
(I would have loved to have photos of my daughter with all these styles instead of web pics. Maybe that could be a project for the future?)

I have also shared a picture of our hairstyle station, I have had this set up for 3 years now and works a charm! The wooden drawers were from Ikea (I don't think they make them anymore), and I just gave them a lick of paint. Looking a bit shabby now, might need to repaint in the near future! The labels are new this year though, as I am pushing more independence on my children, so I have made colourful labels with pictures. Pictures work really well for my children!

So here is the link to the Hairstyle File -https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwpD2B0zKGN_NGRTLUdneVpnZHc/view?usp=sharing

What does your hairstyle station look like? Share a photo or comment below!

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