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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pocket Sandwich and Sausage Rolls

One of my favourite little tools I found in Japan was the pocket sandwich maker. I love this thing so very much, so keep an eye out for it in the future! What does it do? Removes the crust AND seals the edges to make this cool little pocket. It is easy, quick and makes filling sandwiches so much easier! For example, in Japan I purchased a Yakisoba pocket sandwich. Yakisoba is soba noodles stir fried. So in Aussie terms you could put spaghetti in this sandwich, and it will hold all the contents and be super delicious!

In Miss A's sandwich I put a little avocado and mayo concoction. Her kindy lunches are refrigerated so be careful with mayo in an uninsulated lunch box.

The second part of this bento is the sausage roll. I'll share up my recipe. It uses very few ingredients and doesn't take long at all to cook up. These are great for lunches either hot or room temp.

So, just to clarify what's in Missy's bento today, avocado and mayo pocket sandwich, pork sausage roll, banana chips,cheese and carrot sticks.


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