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I'm a wife and mother of 2 little munchkins.
I love Japanese culture and hope to visit on a working holiday. My husband and I enjoy the exquisite culture and are both currently learning to speak Japanese.
I'm always open to suggestions, and hope that my blog can inspire and encourage others to eat well and live happily! =(^_^)=

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hi Again,
Well as I was trying to avoid this post, at least it isn't in the FIRST post right? =(^.^)=
Why am I blogging? Well, I had this wonderful idea to start up Neko Mama when I just simply couldn't get a little tune out of my head. I'm also very aware of several other blogs which made me think, "I should do that!" I think I have something to share with the world, and if this is where I start, than so be it!
I love to cook, so I want to share recipes, creations, Bento, Charaben (kyaraben) and anything else food related.
I love Lolita fashion, so I wanted to share (more specifically for Australians) my 'off-brand' loli finds and hopefully in the not-too-far-off future, maybe even tutorials and patterns to make your own things!
I love my children, so I wanted to share activities, crafts, nifty hints and tips to make being a mother more fun! Because lets face it, being a mother is very hard work!
I love my husband! But I don't know how I can translate that to helping you all out. Maybe I could share some bedroom techniques? (Oooooooops.... maybe too naughty for here!) Maybe I can share my housework and organisational techniques?
I love Japan, so lets share our learning Japanese experience. I have a few tools to help me learn the language I want to share and give a review about.
I love Technology, Games and Anime! I can share my recent anime series, what i'm playing, what we're playing (my husband and I love to game together!). You know, fun things like that.

So, I feel I have just cause to open a successful blog. Hopefully my ramblings amuse somebody, as I enjoy reading other peoples point of view and unique aspect on the world.

Again, let me know if your out there!

Nya! =(^_^)=   いってらしゃい!

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