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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pamper Puss...

Today was one of those rare days that you get time to yourself to be completely and utterly selfish. I had bought somewhat of a coupon book before my surgery and had a list of complimentary treatments at a local day spa. Wednesday was a style cut and blow dry, while today was a facial, back massage and manicure. A couple of hours of complete indulgence! I really could get used to that! It was my second facial (ever!) and I do have to admit I was taking mental notes. The only real difference to my normal skin care and a facial is; you don't have to do anything, and; the products used are probably much more concentrated and more expensive than the ones I have at home.

Seeing as my little sister was such a blessing and watched my littlies while I was away, I gave her (and my husband) a facial treatment at home! They both really enjoyed it and it gave me a chance to try and replicate at home. My husband is very stressed at the moment so I am hoping the facial helps relax at least a little bit. I quite enjoyed giving them a special treat! I should do it more often!

Question to you,
Does your partner get facials? Have you ever given one at home? Do you have any specialties or tips?

Until Next Time,
Nya! =(^_^)=   いってらしゃい!

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