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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas is looming....

Yesterday was the 25th of November, which can only mean one thing! A MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS!
Usually I am a bit more prepared but I completely forgot it was so close. Thankfully I did my Christmas shopping for the family in June, I've just got to get a few minor Secret Santa gifts, the Christmas decor and the food of course. Today there was a special parade in our local shopping center to mark the arrival of Santa. There was a 3 peice martching band, bugs bunny, daffy duck, Frosty, Mrs Claus, Elves and Mr Claus himself. Because I was working I asked my lovely husband to bring the children down to see. I was very pleased with him as he doesn't always get 'into' the Christmas thing, and he seemd to genuinly enjoy himself. (hooray!)
So now my thoughts turn to early christmas preperations. I have a good friend who has made 3 Advent Calendars!!!! I haven't even made one yet! I plan on correcting this before the 1st of December. EEK! Not many days left!!!!
http://sonicempress.blogspot.com/2011/11/advent-calendar-number-3.html?m=1 (If you want to peek at her latest one!)
And Ideas to go in these little boxes? I went on a mini shopping spree at the $2 shop across from work. I picked up some really cute goodies! Stamps, cards, pens, patty cake liners, cookie cutters. I'm going to also write little notes in some cluing them into something unable to fit into the boxes like. "Today we put up the Tree!", "Check under your pillows!" (Christmas Pyjamas), "Daddy will put up the lights today", "Lets make some cookies", "Tonight we'll go to a Christmas Play", "Tonight we'll drive around to see the Christmas lights". Etc, etc, etc....
That's why I need to get this calendar done ASAP. I can do it!

I hope your Christmas preparations are coming along! Most fun and enjoyable time of the year, but only if you work for it!

Nya! =(^_^)= いってらしゃい!

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