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Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

This little Neko Mama turned one year older! Hooray! I was quite lucky to have a 3 day celebration. Due to work commitments we couldn't go out the night of my birthday, so I rounded up my friends to celebrate on Wednesday instead (Mr Neko's weekend is Thursday and Friday). We went out to town and I did things I haven't done in years! Like visit bars, drink cocktails, dance, sing karaoke and stay up past midnight! (I was very shocked to realise I had made it past 9pm let alone midnight!) Made me feel a lot younger and it was nice to shake off the responsibility hat for a night. We even had the children staying at grandma and grandad's house on 'holiday' so the next morning we got to sleep in and go out for breakfast. Just the two of us, lying in bed at 10am and not having little ones jumping up and down on us. It was peaceful! (Albeit the slight hangover I may or may not have had....)
So I had a leisurely morning, before heading to work on Thursday evening. Friday was my actual birthday and I was showered with hugs and kisses. We went out to the local shopping center and had a brunch with the family. And we picked up my birthday gift! An iPad 2! ^__^ I'm so very excited and very happy about it!
Another amazing feat this week has been the sale of my wedding dress! I wasn't overly sure if I did want to sell it so I put an add in the local gumtree just to see what offers we're out there. I guess I just met the right lady and it felt right to sell it to her. I am sure she will be beautiful in the gown and it will hopefully give her lots of luck and blessings. And, to top it all off, all the money I made from my gown is to go towards me. New wardrobe, laser treatments, anything I need to help rebuild myself. (for new readers I've recently had reconstructive surgery and as a bonus had a tummy tuck and breast reduction)

So here is to another year full of happiness, fun, love, cooking and self awareness!


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