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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cleaning Tip #2 - Timers

Timers can be an excellent tool to help you stay on track! I love my iPhone and the ability to time things. It can really be the difference, for me, of completing something or forgetting altogether!
Just now I've put the washing machine on, and I know it take 1 hour to do it's cycle. So if I set the timer for 1 hour, I can take the washing out as soon as it finishes! Before realizing I should time the wash I pretty much always forgot about it and would have that damp smell on the clothes which would mean another round in the washing machine.
If you washing machine is close by, you don't have to worry! But mine is downstairs and I can't hear it!

Another great timer idea is for spot cleaning. If your anything like me cleaning is a daunting task. I can cook for hours but cleaning, nah uh! So give yourself a time limit, 15 minutes works well, and clean for that time only. When the timer goes off congratulate yourself on a job well done! (even if you didn't finish the task!) A bit done is much better than nothing done at all!

So give the timer a go! Set yourself a few timer tasks a day. 15 minutes cleaning your bedroom, 15 minutes scrubbing the bathroom, 15 minutes ironing. I know you can do it! After all, 15 minutes is no time at all, I guarantee you'll be pleased with your efforts!

Nya! =(^_^)= いってらしゃい!

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