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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be my Valentine <3 Kindy Bento

 I'm going to separate all my super awesome valentine bentos into their own posts over the next few days! I think they deserve their own posts. I am also going to attempt my first video tutorial! Maybe, if I can get the iPad to record properly. 
So, this is today's love filled bento for my gorgeous little girl. 

I experimented with a few things that both were successfull and not so successfull. Take for example my 'pink' rice that just looks a wee bit off, and the eggs I tried to dye. To obtain the 'dyed' rice you substitue your dye for water in preparing the rice, I used beet root juice for pink. I also boiled eggs normally in water, then placed them in a bowl full of cold dyed water. Next time I will add more juice and less water when making the rice, and maybe I'll peel the egg before putting it into the dye. 
Little hearts cut out of the wax of babybel cheese! I'll post a better step by step instruction if your keen on learning the easy way!

My tomato roses! How cute are they!

One new trick I learned was the rose Tomatos. I made these the night before, and they stayed pretty firm when handling this morning. I can't confirm they still look this good at school, but I am sure they're mostly still rose like. Thinking about it now, I could've used some dry spaghetti to skewer it from the bottom, or even a tooth pick, but I need all food to be edible and non-choking hazard. I've been getting in trouble at school for having picks and Baran :( 

I actually had to make the heart onigiri without a proper rice mold! I don't have one yet! *eeeeep*! I had to get creative so I used my good old' cookie cutters. Something I don't think I'll try again in a hurry as it was very time consuming in comparison to my rice molds. It's do-able, but painful. I used a bit of glad wrap over the cookie cutter, spooned in rice, covered the back of the mold with remaining glad wrap and somewhat pushed through the rice. I tried to make the back as flat as possible, but i didn't fret too much as it would be the underside of the rice ball. Looks great on top!

So enough chattering, here's exactly what's in the bento. 
 Tomato roses with some chopped up beet root, mini Choc cupcake, boiled heart egg, skates underneath a lovely babybel cheese and three heart shaped rice balls with I <3 U on top in carrot (if you look really hard you can see it!)
I hope she felt the love today! I definitely put a lot of love in there! 

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