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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Girls Sandwich Bento

 This morning I wanted to try and be a bit more typical Aussie with my lunch and use the sandwich. I ask the Missy every morning sandwich or rice, and she chooses rice most mornings. But today, sandwich it was because shes not eating her rice lunches as much as the sandwich ones. She'll eat all her rice but leaves the rest. Which is unusual as she eats it at home! 

So here it is, I can wholeheartedly admit I went a bit overboard. And that the whole thing will be a shambles when she went to school. I have to find a way to 'stick' everything down. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! 

I added her name, as she is learning to write her own name, she even recognized and told me it was her name ^__^


 Chicken loaf and cheese sandwich. Devon, tomato, chicken loaf and cheese little girl. Cheese letters. All leftover cut out prices have been added on the left side. Pickles on the bottom. Peas and corn in a cup and a cherry tomato. 

Now, what did I learn about today's Bento. Well, kyaraben takes a lot longer than I planned on. While its hot the cheese doesn't come out of the stencils as easily as they should. I had to punch so much cheese to get those letters to work! Let's hope she eats all her lunch today!



  1. I am in awe of her lunch box. I would love to do bento boxes like that don't have the patience to bother. On day maybe.

    1. Thanks ^__^ I can admit it takes some patience, and this particular morning I looked at my husband 10 minutes before he had to take her to school and admitted I had gone overboard. I get caught up sometimes! I'm preparing for Tuesday's valentines box now so I am not in that predicament again. Well, hoping anyway!
      I'm sure you could do something similar if you had a good few hours and nothing else to do. After a while it just becomes normal! Sounds silly I know, but I know ladies who can sew things in a couple of hours, whereas it would take me days just to sew a hem. xx Don't give up just yet. ^__^

  2. have you tried sticking them down with Mayo


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