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Friday, February 17, 2012

Be my Valentine <3 Hubby Bento

An, valentines lunch for the husband. He does adore his lunches, even when they have hearts plastered everywhere. I try most days to send love in his lunch, but tried especially hard this morning to show how much I love him. <3 He really enjoyed his lunch and even sent me a pic of how the lunch had fared in the trip to work.

I try to keep use similar ingredients in both adult and child Bento's to both save me time, and it's easier to monitor the right balance. I have the same pinkish rice, eggs, and salads. Hubby gets more of a heartier protein and meat component now, seeing as he is still a growing man. 
Bottom tier: Pink Rice, chicken and capsicum stir fry with a corny heart (hehehehe punny!) The chicken is tossed in ginger and soy sauce. Original recipe is from Maki's book Just Bento. (I love this book!!!)

Top tier: A Rose Garden Salad. Tomato roses, mixed green salad leaves, lovely eggs, carrots and baby beets carved into hearts (oh my this was a challenge and the photo doesn't even show them well!)

Hope you have enjoyed my Valentine themed Bento's! 会いしています。

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  1. Hmm. Makes me think of an old song with the line "I'm sorry darlin', I never promised you a rose garden."
    But you did give a rose garden, b/c that's how much you care! Looks lovely.


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