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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Token of Love - Ginger and Soy Recipe

Doesn't have to be valentines day to show your love! I love sneaking little love notes or symbols into my hubbies lunchbox. It's fun, and he doesn't mind at all!


In today's lunch we have rice with たまごふりかき (egg rice seasoning), tamogoyaki, ginger and soy beef and vegetables.

Here is a quick and easy way to make up any meat product for bento!

You will need:

1 x chicken breast OR 200-300g meat (beef, pork)

1 tbs ginger (fresh or store bought, I have the jar kind)

3 tbs soy sauce (or more if you love soy sauce!)

Salt and pepper to taste

So, very, very basic recipe for very, very tasty meal! Simply cut up your meat the night before. In the morning pan fry using soy and ginger instead of any oils. I have pretty awesome non stick pans so maybe a tiny bit of peanut or sesame seed oil if you have some. Start with your pan on high heat until meat is seared, then turn down to cook the middle on the meat. Fry it until just cooked, you want juicy meat not dry! Keep adding soy sauce if it gets dried out. When meat is cooked, transfer to a wire cooling rack or even a cold plate to help cool it down. Don't pack into your bento box until it is almost completely cooled! You don't want to run risk of spooling your other foods.

Now just eat the meat with your rice and maybe accompanying vegetables for a very tasty treat! The rice should need no sauce or seasoning thanks to the super intense flavor of the meat!

If you just want vegetables or add vegetables use the same measurements. I love soy and ginger though, so play around with the proportions to suit your own taste! I can't get enough of soy and ginger. I put it on everything!


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