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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Princess and the Panda - Sandwich Bento

I have been trying to figure out the exact amount of food to send to kindy. At home she eats all the time, but I think she is so distracted at school that she doesn't eat as much. So today, nothing was left at all! I think I am getting the hang of little Miss's portion size!

So today's lunch consists of, ham and cheese princess sandwich, babybel cheese with a stack of crackers underneath, homemade mini cupcake, a boiled egg and some wobbly jelly!

I regretfully cannot put anymore Baran into her lunchbox (the cute rabbit and panda) as it is considered a choking hazard to the children. There's always next year! I also cannot sent boiled eggs either, as there are anaphylactic children in her class. I feel terrible because I did not know this earlier. I have already sent her with eggs and Tamagoyaki in the past. Save it for home time.



  1. That sucks - crazy anaphylactic allergy to boiled egg!??? All eggs, or just boiled kinds... weird... and choking hazards.. things just get more and more restrictive out of need to be "safe" - no wonder more extreme sports are becoming so damn popular!

    1. It's peanuts and eggs we cannot bring to Kindy at the moment. They specified boiled eggs and egg sandwiches. We were told no peanut butter but the egg is a new one. I am sure once the children are old enough to know proper hygine and that this child isn't able to have peanuts it will be ok. I'm not that upset, I just wish I knew before sending all these eggs to school!
      I am a little dissapointed about the picks and baran. The teacher mentioned that Little Miss had them in her mouth. So I will try again next year. She should know better, but being responsible for 22 kids I can imagine why she is cautious.


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