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I'm a wife and mother of 2 little munchkins.
I love Japanese culture and hope to visit on a working holiday. My husband and I enjoy the exquisite culture and are both currently learning to speak Japanese.
I'm always open to suggestions, and hope that my blog can inspire and encourage others to eat well and live happily! =(^_^)=

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home full of sick...

I'm sorry I have been very quiet recently. Life has been a whirlwind since we got back from Japan. I got sick on the airplane home, then my son split his head open (don't even ask about that!) and picked up a lovely virus from the hospital. It's now gone through everyone except me, and I am not looking forward to it. So I am sorry things have been slow. I am hoping to start putting up my previous lunches to catch up and also to share the new lunches I will make for term 3. I also have some bento goodies to sell soon! If you would like anything in particular let me know!

Lots of love to all my wonderful readers! I appreciate the time you take to read my little part of the web.

x Neko Mama

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