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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Neko Mama's Simple Apple Pie

Apple pie would have to be the one thing I crave the most. I'm not a chocolate girl, I prefer juicy apples wrapped in pastry. Oh! And don't forget about the cinnamon! (sorry about the picture, we demolished half of it before remembering we needed to take a picture!)

Today is a good day for comfort food. Last night I was awake more than I'd hoped. My son has been sick, now my daughter and husband are sick. It made for a very sleepless night. For some reason the thought of having a hot apple pie kept me sane as I got out of bed for the umpteenth time at some ungodly hour. So I couldn't wait to get started! When I want a recipe I usually check out google first, then I have to scour through which ones I can make with limited ingredients. Today, I wasn't very lucky with any recipe I found, and decided to just "wing it". I had no eggs, was in no mood for a heavy apple and pear pie (which I can make by heart now), didn't like the look of not preboiling my apples like some traditional recipes, and also didn't have the time or patients to make my own dough. So, this is my frankenstein-esque apple pie, using lots of inspiration from several other recipes. I do have to admit, it turned out so much nicer than I thought and gave me that super juicy apple pie, which was light enough on the sugar and dough that the children were able to have a little bit. (stewed apples are a huge hit when they don't feel well).

So enough talking about it, try it out yourself! And if you do make it, let me know if it worked as well for you as it did for me. ^__^

Recipe is Here

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