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Monday, July 2, 2012

Brrrm Brrrm Home Lunch

One thing I think we forget is bento isn't just for out and about, we can make fun lunches at home too! At home lunches are more fun, because you have more time to make it (well I find I do, rather than the 20 mins I have in the mornings). So for the school holidays I have tried to make lunches similar to those they take to school. Master D loves his cars so I made them both car themed lunches today. Did you know girls like cars too? Mine does ^__^

So here is what I put together.

Pink milk, car shaped sandwiches, beans, snowpeas, rice cracker, mini marshmallow, carrot, grapes and kiwi fruit. A very colorful and healthy lunch!

Need some more inspiration? How about this wonderful lunch?

For more see: http://www.funkylunch.com/gallery.htm

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