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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kindy Preperations!

Christmas has just come and gone in a whirlwind and now I find myself researching myself stupid looking for sheet sets, uniforms, name labels, backpacks, shoes and worst of all, lunch boxes. 
Making bento the last few years we have been spoiled with the ability to unpack and repack the bentos. At kindy, they expressed the need for a lunchbox the child can both open and pack away by themselves. After watching my daughter struggle with the usual tiered boxes with elastic bands I knew I was in to find an alternative. And then I got to thinking what would staples be for her lunches, what design flaws are in the mini tiered bento systems? I know they are mainly for rice dishes, so whenever I try and smush cut out sandwiches I never fit enough to cover the same amount of carbs as the rice. So a bento box/lunch box that is square enough to fit a sandwich but spacious enough to allow me to make a bento without it being a sandwich and piece of fruit lunch. 
I have so far scoured the Internet 2 days in a row searching for the best and most useful one for us. I don't care how much I spend as long as I have something that will last the whole year. 
If you've followed along you'll see I do have a large looking lunchbox made by Nude Food Movers. These were great, for the first few months. My children only used these one day a week and the hinges broke after a few months. We had 4 boxes total and they are all broken after a year. Disappointed, but at $10 a box maybe I shouldn't complain?

So here is the list i have compiled. If anyone has any suggestions, reviews, comments on any of these to make my life easier, please let me know!!!!

Laptop lunchbox
http://www.lunchboxeswithlove.com/lunchboxes/80-bento-system-20-flower.html $50

Ecolunchbox (2 sizes)
http://www.shopnaturally.com.au/eco-lunchbox-stainless-steel-lunch-box-2-piece-set-oval-round-bpa-free.html $20

http://www.shopnaturally.com.au/eco-lunchbox-stainless-steel-lunch-box-3-piece-set-rectangular-bpa-free.html $27

http://www.babygrowsafe.com.au/ecolunchboxrectangle/prod_233.html $24

http://www.wheredidyougetthat.com.au/p/1127065/goodbyn-lunch-box-pink.html $35.20 after 20% off

Nude Food Movers
http://www.nudefoodmovers.com.au/Range/ $10

http://www.planetbox.com/pictures.html $?

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