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Thursday, December 29, 2011

And the Lunch Box is....

Lunch Box Raid.... I think we have a winner!
After relentless searching I am going to go with the ECO Lunchbox sets! I found a local company in Ormiston that sells them too, so no wasted packaging on my eco friendly lunch boxes!
Why did I choose these ones? The stainless steel, the open-ness of the boxes that allowed me to create bentos that some of the others inhibited. The second set is stackable! And the clips look pretty easy for a toddler. (Plus if i get lazy, or if requested, I can fit a whole sandwich!)

I am still going to go and touchy feel the boxes to make doubly sure it is what I want. The planetbox and Goodbyn were tempting but it is all too seperated! It just would be too difficult to fill some days I think. I am planning on getting both sets, mainly because you need flexibility and options. One lunch box isn't enough, you need a few to play around with. I am a little sad she can't use her cute strawberry bento box, but she'll be old enough to use it soon.


Aren't they cool? Mr N was very unsure about the boxes, mainly because they are 'industrial' looking and are very 'plain and dull'. So I also got to searching and am going to buy some vinyl decals to decorate the lid. Yay! I just won't put the lid in the dishwasher and hand wash the base of the lid.

I'm feeling very pleased with myself. One down, lots to go!

xx Neko Mama

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  1. You make here nice dicision for getting lunches box in which one thing make me happy of stainless steel is a good choice not to create any smell of plastic boxes to creating smell but here doubt is keeping time period how to long them.


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