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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Day of Kindy Part 1

Im separating this into 2 parts, personal and bento. So skip to the next part for write up on Little Miss' lunch. 

So when did this happen? It seems like only yesterday I had my ultrasound photo and video of this squirming little baby growing so contently inside me. Now, she is this compete little human being, complete with giggles, curls and non-stop chattering. She loves and laughs, cries and demand comfort, creates stories with her toys and loves to paint and draw. I'm so proud, as any parent should be, of this little girl. We have tried our hardest to nurture and encourage her behaviors, and life skills at home, getting her ready for the next stage in her life. I hope we have done enough to prepare her. 

So how did the drop off go? We both made arrangements with work to be able to be there and spend as much time as possible. She was so excited she couldn't wait and ran right in. We put away her bag, her lunch, drinkbottle and sheets. Then we applied the morning set of sunscreen. She then went and starting sticking and making a collage. We all sat around her, while she created. We then decided to leave, we got hugs and kisses and went back to what she was doing. No tears, no worries. To be honest there were no tears from any children! It was so quiet and peaceful in the classroom, a scene straight from the butterfly room in toy story 3, complete with the calming music. I think the teachers did a great job reassuring the children it was a safe and calm environment. I, however, just held it together. We stopped down the road to grab a coffee and wind down before going to work. I think I even saw a tear in daddy's eye as we sat quietly with our coffees, wondering what wonderful and amazing things our daughter was doing. 

Overall I think it was a wonderful day. She cannot wait to go back, so all I can assume is that It was a wonderful experience for her. 

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