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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Morning Madness - 3 Bento's in one Morning!

 Monday is the only day that we are all out of the house. Mummy and daddy go to work, Missy goes to kindy, and Little Man goes to grandma and grandads house. We need to all be ready and out the door by 8am to get everyone dropped off at the right location. It requires a 6am start, short showers, lots of team work and a night of preparation. But once it is set in motion, we are becoming a well oiled machine! 

So it all starts with the night before, I plan out my Bento for adults and for Missy's (well try to but I can be honest enough to say I don't always prepare and this leads to chaos the next morning). I chop up as much as possible, set everything out and get to bed. Then in the morning, all I need to do is put on the rice cooker, get the bread out of the bread maker, fry up the veges and chicken and pack into boxes. 

Some Pre softened and cut out carrots! The specific vege cutters are just a dream!

Pre cut chicken thigh and capsicum, allowing the salt to draw out moisture from the cucumber and cabbage. 

Today's bento recipe came from Maki's Just Bento book! It's actually the bento on the cover. 

Ginger and soy chicken with capsicum, rice and pickled cucumber & cabbage. With a mini side salad. I used my new Zooney bento box my gorgeous friend in Japan sent! 

Missy's kindy lunch is a teddy bear party! Ham and cheese teddies, phylli cream cheese and sakata crackers.  Lettuce, carrot hearts, cheesy hearts, pickled cabbage and cucumber and 2 very happy party tomatoes. 

Notice that there are the 'offcuts' of the carrot shapes too! Who said you needed you discard!? If you look super close to adult bentos there are off cuts of carrot that didn't form a full circle, so I tossed them in with the chicken and cucumber. You just have to be creative! As for bread off cuts, I ate them for breakfast! Can't go past fresh bread!

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