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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Day of Kindy Part 2

First day of kindy, the pressure was on to make an appetizing bento to make her feel special at her new school. I tried to keep it basic, but also fun! I was a complete and utter mess making this bento. Sobbing and tearing up along the way. I was positive to get the tears out of the way so I could be big, brave, mummy on the day. I think I did rather well. I kept it together on the morning! 



Oh, I also need to mention the gorgeous lunch bag, snack bag and lunch box! As I posted previously I went with the Eco lunchbox, and Missy chose the oval one, as she didn't like the rectangular 2-tier one. (Daddy has that one now!) The lunch bag was made by Missy's Nanny and the snack bag was provided by the school, and decorated by Auntie M. So enough rambling ^__^ Here are some pics!


 Main Lunch : Ham and Cheese sandwich cut with crown and heart Lunchpunch, I've then added more ham and cheese on top to add more meat and cheese. As you can see it was very hot! I ended up getting another slice of cheese and doing it super quickly! There is more ham scrolls as fillers, with cherry tomatoes with hats. Carrot sticks and rice crackers for dipping in the Phylli cream cheese (with a cute little panda Baran). 

 The entire lunch unpacked. The snack bag included: Banana, Choc Chip Meusli bar, Honey and Choc koala and friends cookies, Jalna yoghurt with frozen berries and toasted Meusli. (I guess a yoghurty parfait?) The strawberry shortcake knife and spoon set is so adorable! It's adjustable to full size but slides down for compact transport. It does have chopsticks but I just foresaw them going missing do omitted them. 

The water bottle is called Bobble, and has a filter attached to the mouthpiece. I was set on stainless steel for this one as well, but decided against it for a few reasons. I'd heard that stainless steel doesn't keep water, which means you'd have to refill and rinse out every day. Nope, not for me! Also this filtered system means I can fill up at any tap (drinkable water) and it will filter out nasties! Also, it lasts 2 months! And when replaced we get a whole new mouthpiece. Goodbye germy mold living under mouthpieces! I even bought one for the Hubby and he is enjoying it too!



So here is her lunch bag, packed up with bento box, cutlery, snack box and water bottle! All sitting upright and easy to get out and unpack at drop off time!  I'm hoping to start putting in some more traditional bento items but didn't want to freak out the teachers on first day. I know my day care mum was always so surprised my children ate rice for lunch! 

Hope all of your first days went well! I look forward to sharing this years full of kindy bento! I already have lots of requests from the little Miss. 


  1. PS. You have a lovely little blog here. I'm now following you! :) Please come visit at Just For Daisy and say hi!! :) I found you via The Organised Housewife linky!

  2. Thank you ^__^
    Congratulations on your new little one! Hope she stays healthy. xxx


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