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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vegetable Pancakes!

My daughter requested pancakes for dinner, to which I was willing to comply. I then had a fleeting thought midway making said pancakes, "what if I added carrot and zucchini?" I passed on my thoughts to Miss 4 and she said it was a good idea. So I had to last minute alter the recipe and pray that the vegetables didn't cause the batter to become too runny. Well, the result was amazing!! They were so yummy the kids ate them all up and asked for thirds! Even husband loved them! So I quickly wrote down the recipe to share. Please remember I was going to make normal sweet pancakes, so they do have sugar and a dash of maple syrup (subbed for the vanilla extract that's gone missing). Seeing as I was going to make them sweet, adding the veges made it healthier and OMG so much tastier! I will be doing these again! I have to make another batch though as there is nothing left!

Think of the bento opportunities with these also! A sweet but healthy snack in the lunch box. If you've packed not other sweet things than why feel guilty for the small amount of sugar in the pancakes? It looks like an odd recipe, but try it out! For bento I'd make them piklet sized to fit into the lunchbox. Because of the self raising flour they don't roll at all. If your clever and have some egg frying molds or even pancake molds you can make them in cute shapes!

Ok, so here is the recipe - http://nekomama.com.au/index.php/recipes/bento/52-vegetable-pancakes


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