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I love Japanese culture and hope to visit on a working holiday. My husband and I enjoy the exquisite culture and are both currently learning to speak Japanese.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Website Update!

Hi there lovely friends, I have been nutting away getting my website all sparkly and new! I have still been bento-ing and have lots to share very soon! www.nekomama.com.au is now integrated alongside my blog and if you look closely you'll see my store in the making! Please note everything is just testers, so unless you would like to send me donations, please don't use the cart system just yet!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday! We enjoyed our time together as a family, and thankfully avoided the chocolate overload. Im ashamed to admit I am one of the very few women who doesn't love chocolate! We all enjoyed BBQ's and gummy lollies instead! I've also shared up a very yummy chocolate chip cheesecake that I made for my husbands birthday, so have a sneaky peek! I'll also have to back date Miss A's Pony Party and the fun food we made including jelly oranges and rainbow fruit kabobs. The pictures aren't overly wonderful, but they are documented non-the-less! Oh and I will have to share the marshmallow fondant I made for her birthday cake! First time making fondant and honestly, was so much easier than I had thought. I expected hours upon hours of work and mess, when in reality it was pretty simple!

So lots to look forward to, the future is always bright! Take care friends and you'll see me around soon!

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