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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fasta Pasta

Today's Lunch was Dino Pasta Salad completely free hand. Although I did hear from day care mum that the children didn't eat it. Strange considering they eat it at home?
Anyway, here's the 5 lunches I made. My little sister is still visiting so I wanted her to not be left out. It worked out really well as she came to work with me and we had lunch in the food court.

Pasta Salad:
Whole packet of Dino pasta
Tin of corn drained
Softened chucks of carrot (boil whole for about 5-10 mins then pop into cold water to cool)
Celery thinly sliced
Half mooned cucumber
A few spoons of 4 bean mix
French salad dressing!!

Cook pasta in boiling salty water, drain and cool completely. If your in a hurry and making day of run cool water through the colander.
Chop up all your ingredients into fork sized pieces. I make sure nothing is bigger than my pasta.
Put pasta in a bowl and add your vegetables and beans until nicely colored and to your tastes. (I don't put in many beans but lots of corn!)
Mix it all together in a bowl and add French dressing to taste. Remember to taste with a different utensil so you don't contaminate the salad.
Child Size                                                                       Adult Size
A cup for adult and 1/2 cup for child should be about right. But if they ask for seconds I wouldn't hesitate!! I was tempted to add caesar or mayonnaise, however it's questionable if it would hold up after hours of room temperature. If you can refrigerate than go ahead!

The extras in this one is Tuna and Sweetcorn muffins. I'll share that recipe another day!

Hope this brings some inspiration! Let me know if you make one of my recipes!

Nyaaa! =(^__^)=

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