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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Hubby Secret Recipe!

This morning I got up early and made my family breakfast. To be honest, I don't feel like reheating pre-made croissants, making tea and cutting up oranges was really 'making' breakfast, but we all ate breakfast together so I am going to count it as a great days start!
The tea is Irish Cream from Adore Tea and if you can get your hands on it you'll be very happy! I encouraged my husband and little sister to try dipping a bit of croissant into the tea. It was just divine!
The oranges are there to counter-act the really dry and hot textures you get when eating croissants. I would've died for some strawberries with this, but oranges worked really well!

Now on to preparing the Mans lunch!
I only had left-over mini meatballs from our burger night. Because they were very bland I coated them in Smokey BBQ Sauce and sprinkled a little Italian Herbs in. The rice was made fresh from the rice cooker, and I tried to wait as long as possible to let it cool, but I sent the hubby to work with an ice-cooler to make sure the rice didn't spoil!

This is my little creation I found from Sizzlers. They call it a Japanese Salad (don't know why?) And I assume the Sizzler one has teriyaki sauce but I just tossed baby spinach in soy sauce and added some sesame seeds. I'm still having a hard time getting these to toast. They burnt before I heard popping. So I'm a bit unsure at what i'm doing wrong...
In the silicone cup is the pickled cucumber which I can't seem to find the original recipe for anywhere! Simply slice the cucumber really thinly and sprinkle with a bit of salt. Leave for about 5-10 minutes then squeeze out the excess juices. I think these ones may be a bit salty for the hubby, but it's all trial and error!

Now this side is supposed to be the 'snacks'. I've found the only problem with my Bento's is I crave something sweet. Maybe just me? Anyway, I've packed some snacks for Hubby when he's feeling peckish or needing something sweet. We have Cherry Tomatos, Kiwi Fruit, Mini Sesame Snacks and Home made cookies! These ones are Choc Chip and Peanut Butter and Marshmallow. 

My hubby has already shown lots of appreciation for his breakfast and lunch. He's very stressed out at work lately so i've been trying very hard to give him something healthy and healing for breakfast and lunch every day. He normally hates eating breakfast but i've been so creative that he's eaten everything I've given him for 2 weeks! I'll have to keep you all updated for really simple breakfast treats that honestly are so much more than a bowl of cereal!

If your after any of the recipes let me know and I'll post them up!

Nya! =(^_^)=   いってらしゃい!

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